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Great Seafood in Athens


You would think getting incredible seafood in a huge Mediterranean city like Athens, Greece would be like getting a good steak in Nebraska. Well it's not as easy as you'd think (in either place for that matter). So after quite a few mediocre meals over several days, I had all but given up on the prospect of finding a top-notch seafood joint in this massive city (what would Homer have thought?). Alas, on my last day in country I found an outstanding, mom-n-pop restaurant that had relocated to Athens from their original location on Paros. The chef/owner Argyro (what a great Greek name!) creates incredible dishes using local fish like sting ray, octopus and langoustine. Finally a seafood venue worthy of the culture that would launched a thousand ships for a pretty face.

Fokilidou 15 and Voukourestiou