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General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to work out the details for the event?

You can either call us at 636-448-8721 or email kirk@travelingkitchen.com. We are traveling a lot so if you call you may need to leave a message and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible. However, if you’re comfortable outlining your event in an email we can respond at a faster clip with pricing and menu ideas (our office hours are late at night or early in the morning).

How far in advance should I schedule my event?

It depends on the time of year, but we recommend scheduling weekend events six to eight weeks in advance and weekday events four weeks out. Keep in mind that our schedule is fluid, in that we often hold multiple dates for customers, so if you have a last minute party don’t hesitate to inquire about our availability.

How do we secure the event?

Once a date and menu proposal have been agreed upon we will send you a hold date deposit link where you can secure the date with a credit card. (FYI- Unless arrangements have been made in advance, final payment will need to be either cash or check.)

How do we pick the menu?

We have seasonal menus that change frequently for the most common types of events we service (multi-course plated or buffet dinner; small plate dinner; cocktail reception; luncheon or brunch). We will send the menus to you once we get the inquiry and there are detailed instructions for making your selections on each menu.

Where do you source the food that you prepare?

As ardent locavores we make every effort to purchase the food that we serve from local farmers, ranchers and food artisans. We pride ourselves on seasonality and try to only use ingredients when they at their flavor peak.

Do you provide servers? Bartenders?

Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen is proud of its professional and skilled service staff, noted for their friendliness and empathy. Rest assured that we have the perfect service team for your next Traveling Kitchen event. We can provide both service & bar staff for any sized event.

Party Rentals?

We are happy to arrange any party rentals you may require for your event. Alternatively we can recommend reliable rental companies for you to contact if you want to manage rental styles or have specialized requests.

How do you factor cost?

Final cost for a Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen event depends on a number of factors, including: menu, number of guests, location, duration of the party, day of the week and any miscellaneous needs (extra staff; bar service; rentals; etc.). Once we find out guest count & general type of event we will provide a per person price range that will include all KTK Staff, Food & Tax. Our pricing proposals do not include any rental needs or gratuity.

Can I expect Kirk to be doing the cooking at my event?

Kirk is involved in all of the prepping for the event (making sauces, pastries, etc.) However, we don’t set the schedule until the week of an event and it depends on what’s going on that week. Kirk may be at your event for the duration or need to move from event to event on a given night. We are lucky in that we have a nucleus of food professionals that have been with Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen for over 10-years so it works great either way!

When do you need a final guest count? What if we have a late cancellation or added guest?

We will need a final guest count seven to ten days prior to the event (depending on the size/complexity of the event). After that we can usually add food for additional guests, but cannot adjust the guest count and pricing if there are last minute cancellations.

What if we need to cancel or if there’s bad weather?

Once the date is secured we can’t cancel, but can potentially move the date if given enough notice. Any adjustments, including changes as a result of weather are at the sole discretion of KTK, but we will try to work with you on it.

When do you arrive for the event? What can I do to prepare?

Typically 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to the guests arriving/party start time. Occasionally we will arrive earlier for large or logistically complicated events. For Drop-Off events KTK staff will arrive 1-hour prior to when you’d like the food served. All we ask is that the kitchen counters be clear of any clutter (mail, etc.). No need to move any large items off of the counters (mixers, etc.). If you are having a sit down dinner we are happy to set the table for you or you can do it yourself, please let us know in advance if you need assistance with this.

Do you mind if my guests and I watch you cook?

Not at all! In fact many of our events are interactive (where the guests get involved with the cooking) or teaching focused, so don’t hesitate to hang out in the kitchen and inquire about what we’re doing.

How long do KTK staff stay for the party?

It depends on the type of party, but five to six hours is the norm (longer for large parties). We handle set up, service and clean up. We will thoroughly clean our kitchen work area and wash as many of the dishes as we can, with the exception of the glass of wine guests may be enjoying at the end of the night when we finish.

When do we pay?

We will either email a copy of the bill or bring an invoice to the event. You can either give us a check when the event concludes or put it in the mail at your convenience.

Is gratuity included in the proposal? How much is typical gratuity?

We are firm believers in tipping being a reward for a job well done. Subsequently we do not include gratuity in our pricing (the only exception being for very large events). Should you decide to tip, the standard is $50.00 to $100.00 per server.

This service sounds like it would make a neat gift. Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! We print custom gift cards that make wonderful wedding, retirement, holiday or birthday gifts. Our gift cards are available in any denomination, but you can also gift a specific event (ie. “Cooking Class for Six”).