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Cooking Class FAQs

Can I expect Kirk to be the chef teaching my class?

Yes. Kirk is the lead chef for all of our Cooking Class events. While we have additional chefs who help with larger groups, Kirk would be the chef leading your class.

When do you need a final guest count? What if we have a late cancellation or added guest?

We will need a final guest count seven to ten days prior to the event (depending on the size/complexity of the event). After that we can usually add food for additional guests, but cannot adjust the guest count and pricing if there are last minute cancellations.

What about equipment? Knives, mixing bowls and cutting boards?

We will bring all the equipment needed for the class. All we’ll need of yours are the stove and ovens (and maybe the grill).

Do we get copies of recipes? What about aprons or chef toques?

We will provide a pdf copy of all recipes for you and your guests to have. We typically offer recyclable aprons for interactive cooking classes, but can arrange for our signature Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen aprons as a party favor with enough advance notice (additional cost applies). We will also provide chef toques for participants of our interactive cooking classes.

How long do KTK staff stay for the class?

It depends on the size and style of the class but we typically arrive 1 ½ hours prior to the start of the cooking and allot 2 ½ to 3 hours for cooking and dinner. We will thoroughly clean our kitchen work area and wash as many of the dishes as we can, with the only exception being the glass of wine your guests may be enjoying at the end of the night when we finish. Total time on site is typically around 6 hours.

When do we pay?

We will either email a copy of the bill or bring an invoice to the event. You can either give us a check when the event concludes or put it in the mail at your convenience.

Is gratuity included in the proposal? How much is typical gratuity?

We are firm believers in tipping being a reward for a job well done. Subsequently we do not include gratuity in our pricing (the only exception being for very large events). Should you decide to tip, the standard is $50.00 to $100.00 per server/assistant.

This service sounds like it would make a neat gift. Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! We print custom gift cards that make wonderful wedding, retirement, holiday or birthday gifts. Our gift cards are available in any denomination, but you can also gift a specific event (ie. “Cooking Class for Six”).